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ive been thinking about rehab a lot more lately. my school wants me… - Chemical Cult
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ive been thinking about rehab a lot more lately.
my school wants me to go.
they're threatening to kick me out if i dont start trying to get better.
well, technically, they already did kick me out.
i have to go in and have a meeting with them.

i go to a school for drug addicts with mental health problems.
everyone else in my class is just a pot head. some drink occasionally. there's one alcoholic.
im the only one with a serious drug problem.
they're obviously not used to people like me, because they generally get little stoners.
but it makes me feel like crap that they've kicked me out because im a drug addict.
im more qualified than anyone to be in that school.

sorry, just wanted to vent.
good drugs are getting a lot harder to find lately.
ive been picking up shit.
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From: thelostforevers Date: January 5th, 2008 05:06 am (UTC) (link)
if you go to a school for drug addicts don't they have counseling and stuff there?

and this may be a stupid question but are they drug testing you? and if they are then have you tried to stop, like with out patient rehab or therapy or AA or something?
ickxx From: ickxx Date: January 5th, 2008 05:48 am (UTC) (link)
there's a lot of counselling and substance groups and stuff.
the thing is, compared to how i was last year when i first arrived at the school, im so much better.
i've cut down my substance use so much, but they dont give me any recognition.
the school is based around harm reduction. when i joined the school they didnt tell me id have to quit, just be more safe about it. so this is all very ridiculous to me.

they dont do drug tests at the school. you are required to write every substance you used the day before when you arrive at school though. no one really lies about it.
my school also put me in detox last year.
and ive gone to some Narcotics Anonymous groups, i just never got that interested in it.
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